• The Body Shop

    ‘The Body Shop’ is a British retail brand that has spread into +60 countries. The beauty brand was built to make people feel good. They offer high quality, naturally-inspired skincare, hair care, and makeup that are produced ethically and sustainably. Visit us and stock up with our products your skin will love!

    Category : Perfumes & Cosmetics

    Floor : Second Floor

    Shop Number : – 42

     Location : – the-body-shop

    Phone Number : – 






  • The Face Shop

    'The Face Shop' is a South Korean-based skincare and cosmetics manufacturer, retailer and a franchise business. Its products include body, bath, skin care and make-up aimed at both women and men.


    Category : Perfumes & Cosmetics

    Floor : Second Floor

    Shop Number : – 67

     Location : – The Face Shop

    Phone Number : –  065833446







    ‘Time Center’ is Jordan’s leading watch retailer boasting a portfolio of over 30 international watch brands with various designs that will definitely please everyone!

    Category : Jewellery & Watches

    Floor : First Floor

    Shop Number : 48

     Location : – TIME CENTER
    Phone Number : – 06 5540151





  • Time City

    Jewellery & Watches

    Diva has achieved a level of success unparalleled in the diamond industry.

    Category : Jewellery & Watches

    Floor : First Floor

    Shop Number : 3

     Location : – Time City
    Phone Number : – 





  • Tobacco & More

    'Tobacco&More' is the sole agent of Zippo lighters in Jordan. They specialize in cigarettes, cigars, lighters, and accessories. i.e. hookah, flavored tobacco(M'assel), and gifts.

    Category : Tobacco

    Floor : Third Floor

    Shop Number : – 74

     Location : – Tobacco & More

    Phone Number :  065512370







    Visit ‘Top Style’ to find a wide range of incomparable accessories that you will certainly love!

    Category : Gifts & Accessories

    Floor : First Floor

    Shop Number : 71

     Location : – TOP STYLE
    Phone Number : – 





  • Trendy Accessories

    You can find a broad collection of accessories at ‘Trendy Accessories’.

    Category : Gifts & Accessories

    Floor : Second Floor

    Shop Number : 15

     Location : – Trendy Accessories

    Phone Number : – 065533505






  • Turkish Cook

    Craving Turkish foods? Pay 'Turkish Cooks' a visit and try their variety of Turkish food.

    Category : Restaurants

    Floor : Third Floor

    Shop Number : – 10

     Location : – Turkish Cook

    Phone Number :  065538738






  • Txon

    TXON is an international brand for home furnishing accessories, wide range of interior and exterior products.
    TXON offers a vast array of high-quality products at affordable prices; TXON’s 5,000-meter store is a one-stop-shop for premier home essentials. With 40 different departments, TXON is home to an extensive selection of items, including furniture, household appliances, kitchen tools, gardening and sports equipment, as well as paper products, personal care items, pet care products and travel needs. The store also features a festive section, which is revised periodically to offer themed decorations, items and mementos in line with the closest upcoming holiday season.
    Striving to deliver unique shopping experiences that are fun for the entire family, TXON aims to promote an inviting atmosphere through its visually appealing colors, subtle music and unique overall aesthetic. The TXON store boasts a Safari-inspired décor, featuring striking jungle backgrounds and giant animated animal statues. Children visiting the store with their families can also spend time at TXON’s dedicated play areas or pushing their own miniature shopping carts, ensuring an enjoyable time spent by all .


    Category : unisex Fashion
    Floor : Ground Floor

    Shop Number : 15

     Location : – Txon

    Phone Number : (06) 400 3333



    ‘UAE Exchange’ is a united Arab Emirates based company dealing primarily in remittances, foreign exchange and bill payment solutions. The company operates through 31 different countries.

    Category : Financial Services

    Floor : Ground Floor

    Shop Number : – 34

     Location : – UAE EXCHANGE

    Phone Number : – 065851414






  • umniah


    Category : Telecom

    Floor : Second Floor

    Shop Number : – K9

     Location : – umniah

    Phone Number : – 

    Email : – 






  • VATO Maternity

    The best pregnancy and maternity clothes to keep mothers fashionable and stylish during the time of their pregnancy.

    Category : Ladies Fashion

    Floor : Ground Floor,Second Floor

    Shop Number : 57

     Location : – VATO

    Phone Number : – 065548810