‘Four Hundred’ specializes in selling men’s formal wear. They offer a wide selection of elegant suits, ties, and whatever falls in between.

    Category : Men’s Fashion

    Floor : Ground Floor

    Shop Number : 12

     Location : – 400FOUR HUNDRED

    Phone Number : –  065518411




  • A.T.M

    In  Mecca Mall, you can find different A.T.Ms for all your financial needs. You can find A.T.Ms for various banks including; Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank, Housing Bank, Arab Bank, Jordan Islamic Bank, ABC Bank, Bank of Jordan, Bank Al-Etihad, Jordan Ahli Bank, Al-Rajhi Bank, Islamic International Arab Bank, Jordan Kuwait Bank Check into Cash.

    Category : Financial Services

    Floor : Ground Floor

    Shop Number : 

    Phone Number : – 






  • Abayat Al-Danah

    Abayat Al-Danah – Mecca Mall – First Floor

    Category : Islamic Fashion

    Floor : First Floor

    Shop Number : 4

     Location : – Abayat Al-Danah
    Phone Number : – 07 9062 0729





  • Abayeh & shal

    Category : Islamic Fashion

    Floor : Second Floor

    Shop Number : 35

     Location : – Abayeh & shal

    Phone Number : –  0797440505




  • abdul Samad Al Qurashi

    ‘Abdul Samad Al Qurashi’, also known as The House Of Oud, provides you with a sensational variety of Oud, Amber, and Perfumes.

    Category : Perfumes & Cosmetics

    Floor : Second Floor

    Shop Number : – 30
     Location : – abdul Samad Al Qurashi

    Phone Number : – 065854652






  • Abedah

    ‘Abedah’ provides the Muslim women with the different designs for Islamic wear. The store was found in 1994, and it developed through the high demand on its products.

    Category : Islamic Fashion

    Floor : Second Floor

    Shop Number : 10/7

     Location : – Abedah

    Phone Number : – 065534128





  • Accessorize

    ‘Accessorize’ is one of Monsoon’s fastest-growing chain. It is devoted to bringing the most exciting and eclectic products to the high street: With its own in-house design team, ‘Accessorize’ holds a unique position on the high street with its inspirational, globally source well-priced, and good quality collection of fashion accessories displayed in an original and impactful color-bay design. The constantly changing range includes every kind of accessory imaginable; bags, purses, jewelry, scarves, belts, hats, flip flops, hair accessories, and cosmetics.

    Category : Gifts & Accessories

    Floor : First Floor

    Shop Number : 27

     Location : – Accessorize
    Phone Number : – 065815736





  • Adidas

    ‘Adidas’ is a leading German sport apparel manufacturer. They have an extensive line that includes various designs featuring Stella McCartney designs, and the Originals, in addition to their Classical designs. The company produces bags, shirts, watches, eyewear, and other sports-and clothing related goods. ‘Adidas’ is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second-biggest sportswear manufacturer in the world.  

    Category : Sport Wear & Goods

    Floor : First Floor

    Shop Number : – 1

     Location : – Adidas
    Phone Number : – 065560683






  • Administartion Offices of Kurdi Group

    Established in 1860 with an earlier vision about the importance of the real estate sector. In the 1930’s, Kurdi Group gained its reputation through developing the Gold Market in Amman. Kurdi Group operating at the present time to meet the growing needs of the Jordanian market property and to provide sophisticated services and comprehensive real estate sector. 

    Category : Offices

    Floor : Fourth Floor

    Shop Number : – 15

     Location : – Administartion Offices Of Kurdi Group

    Phone Number : 065527946-065527940-065527918






  • Again

    'Again' is a store that sells everyday clothes for the urban woman. 'Again's' collection will make customers want to come again!

    Category : Ladies Fashion

    Floor : Third Floor

    Shop Number : 30

     Location : – Again

    Phone Number : –  065851547




  • Ahmad Basha

    Restaurants & coffee Shops

    Category : Cafe’s & Restaurants

    Floor : First Floor

    Shop Number : 35

     Location : – Ahmad Basha
    Phone Number : – 065599544





  • Ahmad Khader

    A high born name in the jewelry industry.

    Category : Jewellery & Watches

    Floor : First Floor

    Shop Number : 69

     Location : – Ahmad Khader
    Phone Number : – (06) 586 6015