• Administartion Offices of Kurdi Group

    Established in 1860 with an earlier vision about the importance of the real estate sector. In the 1930’s, Kurdi Group gained its reputation through developing the Gold Market in Amman. Kurdi Group operating at the present time to meet the growing needs of the Jordanian market property and to provide sophisticated services and comprehensive real estate sector. 

    Category : Offices

    Floor : Fourth Floor

    Shop Number : – 15

     Location : – Administartion Offices Of Kurdi Group

    Phone Number : 065527946-065527940-065527918






  • Investment&Marketing Department

    Ab d o u n    R e a l   E s t a t e  & C o m m e r c i a l    D e v e l o p m e n t                  C o m p a n y

    Tel : (+962 6 )5527948

    (+962 6 )5527945

    Fax : (+962 6 )5527918

    P.OBox:851171 Amman11185 Jordan


    It’s a shopping experience unmatched like any other. Mecca mall is one of the biggest malls in Amman, and considered as the perfect destination for shopping and having a good time with family and friends with a convenient atmosphere and adequate security.

    Mecca Mall is visited by different kind of customers of an average of 35000 customers per day.

    For more information regarding leasing or advertising in Mecca Mall, please contact the following

    For promotions and indoor Advertising;

    whether you are interested in having a booth at Mecca Mall, or you want to promote your brand through indoor and outdoor advertising, please send your inquiry to

    If you are interested in joining our tenant list please contact us at

    Download our leasing form  and send it back to us at

    and we will contact you to discuss more details

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    – تنزيل استمارة التأجير بالعربية

    Category : Offices

    Floor : Fourth Floor

    Shop Number : – 14

     Location : – Investment&Marketing Department

    Phone Number :  0655 36 705

    Email : –