• swatch

    ‘Swatch’ kicked off in 1982, and today ‘Swatch’ is a leading Swiss Watch and Jewelry maker and one of the world’s most fashionable brands! The first ‘Swatch’ watch appeared on the Swiss market in 1983, surprising everyone with its provocative spirit, spirited design and enormous success.

    Category : Jewellery & Watches

    Floor : First Floor

    Shop Number : 62

     Location : – swatch
    Phone Number : – 065531806





  • Taj Mahal

    'Chop sticks' and 'Taj Mahal' restaurant serves up a contemporary twist on Chinese and Indian food. The diversified menu grills, steams. Tandoori an incredible selection that includes seafood available every day and cooked in a special Chinese and Indian style. We stand out because of the freshness of our ingredients, dedication to client satisfaction and we offer all this at affordable prices. for delivery please call us on

    Category : Restaurants

    Floor : Third Floor

    Shop Number : – 79

     Location : – Taj Mahal

    Phone Number :  065533423






  • Talia Fashion

    Talia Fashion Locations:
    Mecca Mall Branch, next to LC Waikiki.

    Category : Ladies Fashion

    Floor : Second Floor

    Shop Number : 64

     Location : – Talia Fashion

    Phone Number : –  07 9999 9291




  • Tape A’L’oeil

    With more than 10 years of experience in producing quality clothing for children, ‘Tape à l’oeil’ has become a favorite with parents around the world. Designed for babies and children up to the age of 14. ‘Tape à l’oeil’s’ collections offer comfort, and lots of fun and style to every child’s wear.

    Category : Childrens Fashion

    Floor : First Floor

    Shop Number : 65

     Location : – Tape A’L’oeil
    Phone Number : – 065865349




  • Tati

    For over 60 years, ‘Tati’ accompanies your daily needs with its selection of fashion products for all family members as well as home accessories. The first ‘Tati’ branch in Jordan was opened in Mecca Mall.

    Category :Unisex Fashion

    Floor : Ground Floor

    Shop Number : 54
     Location : – Tati

    Phone Number : – 




  • Tche Tche

    'TcheTche' started as a small café in 1998 in Amman. It offers a variety of dishes and beverages; from mouthwatering pancakes and waffles, to tender grilled steaks and everything in between. Come visit us for an experience you will enjoy.

    Category : Cafe's & Restaurants

    Floor : Third Floor

    Shop Number : 61

     Location : – Tche Tche

    Phone Number : – 065885582 





  • TEBI

    'Tebi' sells Turkish-branded clothing. They offer different styles and designs that will fit the needs of the urban woman.

    Category : Ladies Fashion

    Floor : Third Floor

    Shop Number : 40

     Location : – TEBI

    Phone Number : –  065546056




  • Tender Loving Corn

    Come find your favorite goodies from ice creams, to candy apples, to cold slabs, to slushes’, and flavored popcorn and more at ‘TLC’.

    Category : Food Specialty Stores

    Floor : Third Floor

    Shop Number : – 80

     Location : – Tender Loving Corn

    Phone Number :  






  • Terranova

    Terranova is a worldwide chain that started in Italy. It opens its doors for customers in Mecca Mall on the Second Floor. The fierce Italian fashion offers the latest trends for both men and women at affordable prices.

    Category : unisex Fashion

    Floor : Second Floor

    Shop Number : 26

     Location : – Terranova

    Phone Number : – 065863663





    ‘Tesori’ specializes in selling elegant men’s wear. From suits to casual clothing Tesori has it all.

    Category : Men’s Fashion

    Floor : Ground Floor

    Shop Number : 4D

     Location : – TESORI

    Phone Number : –  065525849




  • The Body Shop

    ‘The Body Shop’ is a British retail brand that has spread into +60 countries. The beauty brand was built to make people feel good. They offer high quality, naturally-inspired skincare, hair care, and makeup that are produced ethically and sustainably. Visit us and stock up with our products your skin will love!

    Category : Perfumes & Cosmetics

    Floor : Second Floor

    Shop Number : – 42

     Location : – the-body-shop

    Phone Number : – 






  • The Face Shop

    'The Face Shop' is a South Korean-based skincare and cosmetics manufacturer, retailer and a franchise business. Its products include body, bath, skin care and make-up aimed at both women and men.


    Category : Perfumes & Cosmetics

    Floor : Second Floor

    Shop Number : – 67

     Location : – The Face Shop

    Phone Number : –  065833446