Unisex Fashion

  • America today

    In 1989, three Dutch friends opened a fashion store in Amsterdam where they sold some of the best American labels, for the lowest possible price. They named their store ‘America Today’. The concept was brand new in The Netherlands and right from the start this American heritage store attracted customers from all over the country. Through the years, the initial concept evolved. ‘America Today’ still stands for American heritage fashion, but the main focus nowadays is on its own label: ‘America Today’. Besides this change of focus, the company has widely expanded its retail activities.

    Category : unisex Fashion

    Floor : Third Floor

    Shop Number : 63

     Location : – America today

    Phone Number : – 065855610




  • Blue Line

    Blue Line.

    Category : Unisex Fashion

    Floor : Second Floor

    Shop Number : 61

     Location : – Blue Line

    Phone Number : –  (06) 586 8711




  • Bossini

    ‘Bossini’ international holdings limited, listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong limited in 1993; together with its subsidiaries ‘Bossini’ is a leading apparel brand owner, retailer and franchiser in the region. Headquartered in Hong Kong, ‘Bossini’ launched its first retail outlet in 1987. Over the past two decades, the company expanded through 40 countries.

    Category : unisex Fashion

    Floor : Second Floor

    Shop Number : 68

     Location : – Bossini

    Phone Number : – 065817039




  • G2000

    ‘G2000’ Group was founded by Michael Tien in 1980 in Hong Kong. The label ‘G2000’, first introduced in 1985, was positioned as a specialty clothing chain distributing fashionable men’s and women’s career wear. Today, the ‘G2000’ Group is a multi-brand specialty retailer offering an assortment of men’s and women’s apparel.

    Category : unisex Fashion

    Floor : Second Floor

    Shop Number : 4

     Location : – G2000

    Phone Number : – 065528736




  • Grand Way

    ‘Forever’ is a store selling various American brands such as American Eagle, Caterpillar, and many others.

    Category : unisex Fashion,Home Furnishing & Accessories
    Home Furnishing & Accessories
    Floor : First Floor

    Shop Number : 68 

     Location : – Grand Way 
    Phone Number :




  • It’s Ok

    Welcome esteemed customers all days of the week from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm except on Friday from 04:00 pm to 10:00 pm

    Category : Shoes&Bags Unisex Fashion  

    Floor : Third Floor , Second Floor  

    Shop Number : 42 ,29

     Location : – it’s ok ,  it’s ok

    Phone Number : – 06 582 9496





  • Koton

    Established in 2003 and has only 1 branch .

    Koton is Turkish Fashion brand specialized ladies  Fashion and has some unig  formel suits for worker ladies .


    Category : unisex Fashion
    Floor : Second Floor

    Shop Number : 25

     Location : –Koton

    Phone Number : (06) 5533488


  • Lc Waikiki

    LC Waikiki’s journey started in France in 1985, continuing after 1997 as a Turkish brand under the umbrella of LC Waikiki Mağazacılık Hizmetleri Ticaret A.Ş.

    Today LC Waikiki trades in 621 stores in 28 countries, with the company’s philosophy that “Everyone Deserves to Dress Well” enabling people to enjoy accessible fashion through quality products at affordable prices.

    Category : Unisex Fashion,
    Children’s Fashion

    Floor : Second Floor

    Shop Number : 66

     Location : – Lc Waikiki

    Phone Number : –  07 9134 3333




  • LTB

    Delivering unparalleled performance since launching in ’94, LTB has evolved into a global denim brand.

    Born in Istanbul, LTB Jeans is found in 73 countries and has a worldwide presence in over 2,700 stores including iconic department stores such as: Galeries Lafayette, Nordstrom and Fred Segal Fun.

    Today, following its founding family’s tradition, LTB continues to deliver on-trend denim at excellent price points. This brand vision, which is based on top quality, maximum customer satisfaction and original design, is brought to life by a young, innovative and professional team. This team of highly trained experts constantly keeps a keen eye on the latest trend developments in the ready-wear sector around the world and regularly implements timely and unique innovations.

    Category : Unisex Fashion

    Floor : Second Floor

    Shop Number : 49

     Location : – LTB

    Phone Number : –  (06) 582 0829




  • Matalan

    ‘Matalan’ is on of the UK’s leading clothing and home wears retailers offering quality fashion and home wears at up to half the equivalent High Street price.

    Category :Unisex Fashion Ladies Fashion

    Floor : Ground Floor

    Shop Number : 53

     Location : – Matalan

    Phone Number : – 065813695




  • Max

    Launched in the UAE in May 2004, ‘Max’ is one of the largest value-fashion brand in the Middle East that caters to the Mid-Market segment. The company sells its own-label apparel for men, women, and children, along with footwear and home accessories. As a company they believe that in order to be the leading value-fashion retailer in the region you have to offer good products at great prices; they also believe in being fair and transparent in their business transactions with all stakeholders as well as providing maximum opportunities for growth.


    Category : unisex Fashion
    Floor : Ground Floor

    Shop Number : 44

     Location : – Max

    Phone Number : 065504930/065541550


  • Polo Club

    ‘The Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club’ has achieved its prestige by the unique combination of the world’s greatest players and horses, premier UK tournaments and a distinguished social hub.
    They successfully provide a broad spectrum of polo from beginner through to High Goal (22); combined with the first arena polo in the UK and the foremost arena tournament in Europe.
    With new world-class fields currently under construction and revolutionary infrastructure projects, a new era for ‘The Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club (RCBPC)’ has begun.

    Category : unisex Fashion

    Floor : Second Floor

    Shop Number : 74

     Location : – Polo Club

    Phone Number :