Ground Floor


    ‘Four Hundred’ specializes in selling men’s formal wear. They offer a wide selection of elegant suits, ties, and whatever falls in between.

    Category : Men’s Fashion

    Floor : Ground Floor

    Shop Number : 12

     Location : – 400FOUR HUNDRED

    Phone Number : –  065518411




  • A.T.M

    In  Mecca Mall, you can find different A.T.Ms for all your financial needs. You can find A.T.Ms for various banks including; Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank, Housing Bank, Arab Bank, Jordan Islamic Bank, ABC Bank, Bank of Jordan, Bank Al-Etihad, Jordan Ahli Bank, Al-Rajhi Bank, Islamic International Arab Bank, Jordan Kuwait Bank.

    Category : Financial Services

    Floor : Ground Floor

    Shop Number : 

    Phone Number : – 






  • Aigner

    The leather lifestyle brand ‘Aigner’ is one of the most well-known German luxury brands and spares no effort when it comes to the finest  quality leathers, top-caliber workmanship and innovative design. Luxurious bags and exclusive accessories are the DNA of Aigner. The design brings together the excitement of the future and the heritage of the past, combining tradition with innovation.

    Category : Shoes&Bags

    Floor : Ground Floor

    Shop Number : 1

     Location : – Aigner

    Phone Number : – 065524868





  • Al Rajhi Bank

    Founded in 1957, ‘Al Rajhi Bank’ is one of the largest Islamic banks in the world with over 58 years of experience in banking and trading activities. The bank is deeply rooted in Islamic banking principles, the Sharia compliant banking group is instrumental is bridging the gap between modern financial demands and intrinsic values, whilst spearheading numerous industry standards and development.

    Category : Financial Services

    Floor : Ground Floor

    Shop Number : – 51
     Location : – Al Rajhi Bank

    Phone Number : – 






  • Al shalatey

    ‘Al-Shalati bookshop’ is specialized in the sale of office supplies, school stationary, toys, art supplies, professional and birthday accessories and balloons, in addition to accessories and gifts suitable for all ages.

    Category : Bookshop & Toys

    Floor : Ground Floor

    Shop Number : 17

     Location : – Al shalatey

    Phone Number : – 065885453





  • Al-Rihani Silver

    'Al-Rihani Silver' specializes in selling silver jewelry. Al-Rihani Silver offers different styles of silver jewelry that will catch your attention!

    Category : Jewellery & Watches

    Floor : Ground Floor

    Shop Number : 29

     Location : – Al-Rihani Silver

    Phone Number : 0790127109 





  • Al-Sadat Hindi Exchange

    ‘AlSadat&AlHindi Exchange’ serves various financial services, and primarily handles foreign currency exchange.

    Category : Financial Services

    Floor : Ground Floor

    Shop Number : – 38

     Location : – Al-Sadat Hindi Exchange

    Phone Number : – 065863798/065863832






  • Alpha Optical

    ‘Alpha Optical’ is a variety of wholesale and retail outlets for sunglasses, frames and contact lenses. For over 20 years we have given indisputable services; a well scrutinized style and product materials, we infiltrate all over Middle East.

    Category : Optics & Sunglasses

    Floor : Ground Floor, Second Floor
    Shop Number : 27 , 50

     Location : – Alpha Optical

    Phone Number : – 065859260






  • Arab bank

    ‘Arab Bank’ headquartered in Amman, Jordan is one of the largest global Arab banking network with over 600 branches in 30 countries spanning five continents.
    ‘Arab Bank’ provides a wide range of financial products and services for individuals, corporations and other financial institutions. The Bank’s products and services cover Consumer Banking, Corporate and Institutional Banking and Treasury services.

    Category : Financial Services

    Floor : Ground Floor

    Shop Number : – 11

     Location : – Arab bank

    Phone Number : – 065859837







  • Arab Jordan Investment

    ‘The Arab Jordan Investment Bank’ is one of the major banks in the Kingdom that focuses on investments and private banking services. AJIB serves clients through more than 25 branches covering vast locations in Jordan; assisted with an advance network of over 20 ATMs distributed through the kingdom.

    Category : Financial Services

    Floor : Ground Floor

    Shop Number : – 44

     Location : – Arab Jordan Investment

    Phone Number : – 065866139






  • Azul Cafe

    Cafe’s & Restaurants

    Category : Cafe’s & Restaurants

    Floor : Ground Floor

    Shop Number : k2

     Location : – Azul Cafe

    Phone Number : – 






    Founded in Berlin in 1936, Basler is now a globally active, rapidly expanding company. ‘The Basler’ collection is embodiment of femininity and timeless elegance; impressing the world with its superior quality and remarkable flair for color and patterns.

    Category : Ladies Fashion

    Floor : Ground Floor

    Shop Number : 6

     Location : – BASLER

    Phone Number : – 065530058