Cinema City is the Jordan market leader in Cinema Screening & Cinema advertising representing 7 Large Screens, located in the largest modern Mall called “Mecca Mall” in Amman the capital of Jordan.

Cinema City is an independent Cinema Company Owned by THE MIDDLE EAST CINEMA INVESTMENT CO, managed by the G.Manager Mr. Yousef Al-Taher, one of the oldest Cinema Owners in Jordan. Behind its modern foyer “lobby”, huge auditorium with unique art deco features and equipped with latest projection machines and sound system.

Our core business is providing a high level service to a portfolio Exhibitor (Cinema Owners) with service such as –on-screen sales, sponsorship and promotions; reel assembly and delivers. We also act as a conduit between film distributors and cinema for publicity material such as film trailers and posters.

Cinema Management.

The Cinema City and City Café has a big management team. Led by the Executive Operation Manager Mr. Husam A. Amouri and the Cinema Manager Mr. Mohamoud Odaly, who look after the staff team, building maintenance, marketing and publicity, organizing special events and special parties, working with them are 2 shifts responsible for the smooth running of the cinema when it is open for screenings.

Our City Café offers a very special made cake, and a range of fresh fruit cocktails, and a variety of Italian Pizza, as well as popcorn, soda drink fresh juices and ice cream. We serve freshly Turkish coffee, espresso, and a variety of teas, including herbal and fruit teas.


1) Develop an understanding of the nature of Cinema management in its social, economic and cultural context.

2)  Understand the nature of the various film culture bodies, their functions, structure and purpose.

3) Gain an appreciation of the cultural and social role played by film in the wider community as well as the history of the development of the film culture industry.

4) Appreciate the nature of film as an aesthetic form – its specific properties as well as the specific contributions of all those involved in the art form from the script-writer- to director, producer and exhibitor.

5) Develop skills of critical thinking and communication, research skills, public speaking skills, skills to think creatively and to understand the principles of efficient administration.

Mecca Mall Multiplex (MMM) – Cinema City.

Strengths and Challenges

Starting with strengths MMM enjoys advantages pertinent to:

1. Location: being located inside a mall has advantage of offering consumers the convenience and ability to bundle activities together, be it shopping, dinning, bowling or going to the movies.

2. Support services: In terms of size, MMM has the largest concession area with a very nice café “City Café”, and the plan is for it to offer a wide variety of options.

3. Other complimentary service: there is a large playing area for children in Jungle Bungle offering entertainment for children of all ages, in addition to the Bowling alley and Machine Tec Games near the cinema.

4. Variety of movies: it has the potential to offer the widest variety of movies among its competitors. With 7 Screens and the advanced technology (which allows the showing of the same movie simultaneously in more than one cinema).

Cinema City have the flexibility to respond to market demand. Furthermore, contrary to both GC and Le Royal, it has no limitations in terms of focusing on either Arabic or foreign movies, allowing it further flexibility to respond to market demand.


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