Idea of the store: A name synonymous with fashion; Forever 21 has always been at the forefront of fashion, bringing the very latest in catwalk designs and trends to the shop floor in less than a month, guaranteeing a steady flow of new creations everyday satisfying even the most devoted fashion follower.

Coveted for their exclusivity and adored for their affordability, the collections at Forever 21 allow women to update their looks as the trends change. This provides a surety of never having to be seen in the same outfit twice; a trait that has earned Forever 21 ardent followers all over the world. Moreover with collections that include, Tees, Graphic Tops and Hoodies to Sweaters, Trousers and Fashion Accessories, finding the look that suits you has never been easier.

Forever 21 is available wherever high style is more a way of life and as such is available in all leading malls in the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Muscat, singapore, indonesia, malaysia, thailand, China, Canada, USA and Jordan.

Full name of the Company: Sharaf Garment Retail LLC

Trade Name: Sharaf Garment Retail LLC

Address: Amman – Mecca Mall

Tel: +962 6 5537231

Mobile: +962 79 626 7575

Fax: +962 6 5537741

P.O. Box: 2573 – Zip Code 11821

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